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Comprehensive Travel Insurance

Our Comprehensive policy is designed for persons travelling overseas and includes cancellation, luggage, medical/repatriation and personal liability cover (note that there is no cover for certain benefits while travelling in Australia, including medical costs incurred in Australia).

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Domestic Travel Insurance

A Domestic policy plan covers for travel within Australia only (note that there is no cover for medical costs under this Plan). Cover is mainly for luggage and the risk of cancellation or disruption of travel.

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Hitting the Slopes? Consider our Snow Pack

Your travel insurance policy will not cover you for claims relating to snow sport activities unless you buy a Snow Pack, so if you’re planning on hitting the slopes during your trip, it may be right for you. You can purchase the Snow Pack with our Comprehensive, Domestic or Multi-Trip Plans by paying an additional premium when you buy your policy, but you can’t purchase sections of the pack individually.

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Multi-Trip Insurance

Our Multi-Trip Plan is a 12-month policy that covers an unlimited number of journeys, providing a great solution for frequent travellers. Simply choose the trip duration that will cover your longest journey: 15, 30 or 45 days. Benefit limits and sub-limits will be reinstated on the completion of each journey except for Personal Liability. The amount shown in the Product Disclosure Statement is the most we will pay for all claims combined for the 12-month period.

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